Shifting perspective by shifting perception

A client recently told me that when she wakes up, she makes a “sighing” noise and then “drags” herself out of bed. Did you ever stop to consider that the state in which you awaken from sleep and get out of bed, can determine the state you are in for the rest of your day? Even your life? I asked this client to consider what it would be like it she woke from her sleep and felt differently?  She considered this with what seemed like a sense of “curiosity” and then said, “hm…..ok….how would I do that?” This question was the prompt for the rest of our 45 minute session.  During the remainder of our session, I asked her what it would be like it she developed an awareness that she could wake up with a new perspective and be able to perceive her life differently?  We weren’t sure what that perspective would be, but it could be different.  Most of us approach life with “hard eyes”.  That is to say that we open our eyes expecting to see things a certain way, with our preconceived filters, such as “today is Monday”.  That means something different to each of us.  For many, Monday is the start of a workweek; if you don’t happen to love the work you do, you may have a preconceived sense of dread or drudgery.  In fact, Monday is just the name of something that we call a “day”, but in fact any day could be Monday.  We can reframe this by stating the obvious: “I’ve opened my eyes, there is something called “light” that is filtering in because the star that we call “the sun” is at a certain point in the sky and there will be a certain duration of this light because of the number of minutes, hours, days, that have come and gone and now there is more light.  I can check in with the organism in which I live, called, “body” and notice certain sensations, I can feel my lungs filtering in a chemical called “oxygen” and I feel a certain degree of wellness or unwellness depending on certain conditions inside and outside of this “body”.  This is just an example of how we can shift our awareness and change our filters.  Deepak Chopra refers to the body as “a process”.  It IS a process.  Our cells turnover multiple times, thousands of times, daily.  Our body is a universe among other universes, and all of those universes co-mingle and intermingle.  Looking at our lives this way is like zooming out with a telescope, it gives us a very different and much broader picture with which to ponder our lives.  When we start to relax old filters and allow new ones, the possibilities emerge and we are “free” which of course we always were and always will be.  So, when I suggested to the client that she can see the world with new eyes giving this description, it made sense to her.  We all get stuck in our filters because of our conditioning.  We have been conditioned to see things a certain way and sometimes we have an opportunity to question it and to make shifts in our perceptions-we have a window in which to see a different world.  This reminds me of a story: I was in my 20;s living in San Francisco.  My life felt somewhat like a struggle, a grind.  I was always in a hurry and walking with my head down.  I remember walking down the street on a Spring afternoon, and for some reason that day, I looked up at the sky.  It seems silly, but just looking up was, well…..”eye opening”.  I realized that looking down and being on a “grind” all the time, that I was missing things….really simple things but important things.  Yes there’s a whole big sky out there that I was ignoring. The simpleness of this made me laugh at myself.  But that was a life changing moment….whenever I get too serious about things, I remember to look up at the sky, and for some reason the night sky just makes me feel so much better.  All those stars…..we’re not alone….it is a beautiful life.  It simply depends on your perspective.

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